Tech Support

Tech Support
IT environments are constantly changing and businesses need to remain focused on strategic issues, control costs, and improve IT service and productivity. IT Outsourcing options provide a single point of accountability for your IT infrastructure.

Ambient works to keep your IT network operating at peak performance. We offer customized total system support through a single point of contact for problem diagnosis and resolution with end-user hardware and business applications.
Why outsource your infrastructure to Ambient?
You get to focus on your business and be more profitable by not having to worry about your business communications and overall IT infrastructure.

An experienced network administrator sets up, manages, and maintains your network so that arise you can avoid problems that such as:

  • Security breaches that may compromise your proprietary information
  • Viruses that destroy data, slow down, or shut down your network
  • Inadequate space to house your data

Our IT outsourcing is affordable & cost effective.
If you are a small or even mid-sized company you may not need a full time employee to handle your network; you may need only a certain number of hours per week or month—and a predictable cost that you can budget for—and not have to worry about benefits, vacations, sick time…or if someone will show up for work. You can choose from several flexible IT Infrastructure outsourcing arrangements that best fit your company needs and budget.
We respond promptly.
With Ambient outsourcing you have your own support Help Desk. When something goes wrong, you need help now. An experienced Ambient engineer responds to over 90% of clients’ inquiries immediately and resolves the majority of issues within a half hour. Our ChatAssist and Remote Assist features provide additional options for client interaction. All issues are logged and clients receive regular reports regarding the status of their support requests. If appropriate, and agreed upon by the client and the engineer at the time of the call, an Ambient engineer will visit the client site ASAP to resolve the problem.

Ambients I.T.’s multiple regional office puts the experts close at hand. In some cases you’ll need a network expert to be at your office in person. We’re NOT a mere “help desk” in a faraway country—or even another state. We’re right here in your backyard, and we’ll know your business.
We know the correct network technologies.
What will work for you and are affordable. Ambient will keep abreast of the best hardware and software options for our clients and we’ll be proactive in doing a quarterly review of your network performance and any additional needs.
We are accountable to you.
As an Ambient client you gain a partner that will be responsive to your changed network needs:

  • Single point of contact for all end- user IT issues
  • Incident Management to provide a single point of contact for all calls, includingthose that need to be routed to another service vendor for resolution
  • End user client support to answer end user questions and resolve problems quickly
  • Periodic performance reviews to provide you with valuable productivity andservice performance data

Companies of any size and type can find their respective businesses in jeopardy—in a hurry—unless their networks are functioning, optimally, 24/7. Depending on your organization’s size, personnel, budget, and specific network needs, Ambient will provide the right package of services to help you proactively avoid many potentially debilitating IT network problems—and quickly fix any when they might arise with technical support by phone, email, and in person.