Ambient offers our clients server colocation. This service is another option for our clients that allows for total network access while keeping your network secure against any type of catastrophic emergency, such as power outages, fire, floods, and earthquakes while giving redundancy, scalable bandwidth, and flexibility so your system will consistently perform at optimum levels.

Data Center Features:

  • Secure, 10,000 Sq. Ft. climate-controlled tier 1 data facility
  • Scalable internet connectivity options
  • Flexible space options, including racks, cabinets and cages
  • 24 x 7 access to your equipment via secure key card access
  • AC and DC power options, raised floors and fire suppression systems
  • Battery UPS back-up to 750 kilowatt generators
  • 7 x 15 - 20 ton redundant HVAC environmental cooling systems
  • Front and back individual locking cabinets
  • Seismically braced racks and cabinet
  • OC-12 and OC-48 redundant fiber optic connections to Internet backbone
  • 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring

Co-location Benefits

  • Avoid costs of running and maintaining your own data center and network infrastructure
  • Reduce internet connectivity costs - There are no "last mile" telephone company fees if you connect to the internet via the network.
  • Multiple high-speed Internet connections eliminate single points of failure
  • Instant bandwidth upgrades - No lengthy lead time is required for installation, unlike Internet connections to your office location.
  • Reliable back-up site for your data storage.

Offsite Backup

Ambient offers the first comprehensive data protection service for small and medium business (SMB) customers designed to ensure business continuity daily and protect your most important asset—data—in the event of loss or corruption. With just a simple click, the Ambient solution lets you restore lost data in minutes, not days, weeks or even months like other solutions.

The Ambient comprehensive data protection service is ideal for a business managing from 1 to 500 workstations or servers and 10GB to 10TB of data. Ambient services a wide range of industries including legal, financial services, healthcare, design and creative industries (engineering, architecture, graphic design), retail, credit card services, web 2.0 companies and education.

No matter what type of business, choosing a backup solution can be confusing, overwhelming and expensive, leaving many business owners choosing to do not enough – or worse, nothing. If left unprotected, it can take months and cost thousands of dollars to manually recreate the data – and that’s if you’re lucky enough to be able to recreate it. Ambient changes this equation forever!

So ask yourself, how quickly do you think your business could be up and running if you lost a year or more worth of data? How quickly could you recover if disaster struck unexpectedly?